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Team Overview
  • For decades, Campolindo has been a very competitive program.
  • We have an outstanding tradition of quality swimmers and character athletes.
  • We have, and will continue to have, the highest expectations for this program.
Swimmer Expectations (from the coaches)
  • Maturity:  Be mature in all dealings with coaches, parents and teammates (including personality, attitude and language.)
  • Responsibility:  Adhere to all expectations.  Take responsibility for everything.
  • Integrity:  Be honest with yourself, with the coaches, and with your parents.  teenagers often justify subtle deception but we would rather have them be honest and accountable.
  • Team Priority:  Understand and accept positively that the team, in most situations, comes first.
  • Leadership (for upperclassmen):  Maybe the most important to the team!  Be a role model.  Impact the younger swimmers in a positive way.  It is more than an expectation.  It is a duty and responsibility.
  • Excellence as a student/athlete:  Try to live up to what would be the highest standards of an outstanding student athlete.  Swimmers are accountable to maintain their studies and grades.  Laziness and poor time management are not reasons to miss workout in order to finish homework or study for a test.  Swimmers need to understand their priorities and make appropriate choices.  Swimmers need to be willing to make sacrifices.  A teenager cannot be a successful student/athlete if they do not.

Swim Team News

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