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Fall 2022 Season info

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End-of-Season Party!!

The team is invited to my house this Friday, October 22nd for a party!  The endless round of fun activities will include:


   jumping on in-ground trampoline

   playing on sport court

   talking in the hot tub (bring a bathing suit and towel)


   and a scary, but not TOO scary, movie (from 8:15-10:15.  Don't miss the last 30 minutes!)

 And, don't worry, the football game that night is away at Alhambra.  You won’t be missing a home game.  

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22ND, 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM (parents, please plan to pick up then)



 Please RSVP ASAP to Susan Cooper and let us know if you're coming, girls!

 Coach Melanie

Early Release Times

Players are authorized to leave class early on match days.  To see the Early Release Time for each match, go to the Game Schedule tab above.  The  attendance office will have notifications of all matches from the coaches.

Introducing our Fall 2021 Junior Varsity Team!

Welcome, and congratulations!

Louise Goldblatt
Emma Verprauskus
Annie Cooper
Jamie Kelly
Meera Phadnis
Stephania Lieben
Hazel Krozek
Eva Canales
Alyssa Muller
Jill Seater
Nola Coane
Keira Verprauskus
Olivia Welch
Clara Huang
Yvonne Goldblatt
Liv Bersot
Lydia Pochueva
Isabelle Lewis-Smith
Sienna Jorgensen
Natalie Stewart
Karina Morgan
Mia Polichio
Avery Williamson

Practice begins this Monday, August 16, and will run from 5:00-6:30, Monday - Thursday, unless we have a match.  Match schedule will be posted next week.  PLEASE CHECK THIS WEBPAGE OFTEN FOR UPDATES.

SPIRIT WEAR purchases are completely optional.  They are not our uniforms - those will be ordered by Coach Melanie and are paid for by the sports donations.  Deadline to order Spirit Wear is THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 15.   Girls are encouraged (but not required) to buy a red visor from the Spirit Wear selection to wear at matches.
Click this link to order:

JV Parent Meeting

Wednesday, August 18, from 6:00-6:30pm at the tennis courts.  Please send at least one parent (plus checkbook and calendar; we will need snack and carpool volunteers) to the Campo Courts.  Meeting begins at 6:00pm, during practice, and will end at 6:30 so daughters can be driven home.

Season Overview

We have practices or matches Mon-Thursday.  Practice runs 5:00-6:30pm, matches typically run 3:00-5:30pm.  We do not meet on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays, or on school holidays, like Labor Day.  Exception: optional attendance (but it's really fun!) at the Logan High School Tournament all day on Saturday Sept. 18.  By invitation only from the coaches - we can only take about 12 players.  JV season ends around Oct. 22.

Jimmy Scott

Head Co-Coach

Phone: 925-330-0416

Melanie Bell

Head Co-Coach

Phone: 925-878-1770

Susan Cooper

Team Parent

Phone: 415-298-9995

Luis Canales

Team Parent

Phone: 989-928-7104

Julie Pochueva

Team Parent

Phone: 415-298-1614

Snack Sign-up for Matches

Carpool Sign-up for Away Matches