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Erin Alfaro '24

Juliet Diamantidis '22

Claire Diamantidis '24

Alisa Ermokhina '23

Maya Gentry '22

Emma Helber '23

Sophia Lohman '23

Maddie Maestre '23

Hannah Miller '21

Elliot Pelter '23

Anna Stubbington '23

Hailey Wilson '24

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Competitive Cheer Team!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Competitive Cheer tryouts on May 10-12, we are very excited for the 2021-2022 season to start!

Welcome to Competitive Cheer

Thank you for your interest in the Competitive Cheer program at Campolindo High School.

Competitive Cheer is a year-round sport meaning it does not have a defined season of sport, we begin our season with tryouts in the late spring/early summer and continue with practices and camp throughout the summer, practices continue through the fall season, and regional competitions begin. The season concludes with the national competition held in mid-February.

Competition Cheer is proud to be one of the newer sports at Campolindo, with competitive cheer only becoming a sanctioned CIF sport in 2018, the program itself is still in its early stages. In the past four years, we have  started building a strong foundation of exemplary performance and we are excited to continue our growth and program development again this year. It is our goal to become one of the top programs in the region.

Competitive cheerleading exemplifies the importance of athleticism and dedication in the sport of cheerleading. It gives the athletes an opportunity to experience the thrill of the win and the excitement of performing. It teaches the team about goal setting, hard work, unwavering commitment, and dedication to their team and their sport. It allows them to experience an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when they realize they have just hit a perfect routine and can walk off the mat full of pride. The confidence and sense of accomplishment and personal growth that the athletes gain from participating on our competitive cheerleading team is unparalleled.

That being said, competitive cheerleading is, by its very nature, very competitive and therefore requires a 100% commitment from all athletes and their families for the team to be successful. 

Successful competition team candidates are ready and willing to put their team before themselves and must be driven to give all of their effort at all times. Most of our athletes would identify their experiences on our competition team as absolutely life changing and most parents would say that the positive growth they see in their child through the competition program is unrivaled.

Please email Coach Selin for more information.

Go Cougars!