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All lacrosse players MUST have completed their athletic clearance before the first practice on 2/5/24.  Use the link below to learn how to complete this process.


       Colin Knightly

      Sally Whipple

Photo Credit- Photo 360

Week 4 Schedule


Monday 2/26: 7-9 pm in Stadium

Tuesday 2/27: Home game vs Bishop O

                 -JV arrive at 4:30 pm

                 -Var arrive at 5:45 pm

Wednesday 2/28: 8-9 pm in Stadium

Thursday 2/29: 7-9 pm in Stadium

Friday 3/1: Home game vs Monte Vista

                -JV arrive at 4:30 pm
                -Var arrive at 5:45 pm

Help Needed!

Here are the shifts we still need filled for this coming week.  Please sign up if you can

JV- (sign up here)

Tuesday, 2/27- 1 scoreboard operator, 1 announcer

Friday, 3/1- 2 officials score keeper, 1 scoreboard operator, 1 announcer

Varsity- (sign up here)

Tuesday, 2/27-  1 Booth Spotter (stay warm and dry and help support the announce and scoreboard operator)

Friday, 3/1-  1 Official Scores keeper and 1 scoreboard operator


Parent Volunteering-  It takes a village…  Volunteer positions need to be filled for each Varsity and JV game and we ask that our families volunteer where they can.  Sign up today!

Team Costs-  Campo Lacrosse is self-funding.  We receive no money from the school or district.  Therefore, your contributions make it possible to operate both varsity and JV teams.  Our team is most competitive when they have the coaching and equipment they need.  Make your contribution through the Campo Webstore by clicking here.  Your contributions and our additional fundraising campaign help to keep our boys at a strong, competitive level.  Thank you for your support! 

Carpooling-  Team travel to and from most of our away games will be organized through the team carpool.  This is one of our most needed volunteer jobs.  Anyone driving carpool MUST complete this form and return it to Mrs. S in the school office.   All players are required to participate in the carpool and cannot arrange their own travel to the games.

Shoulder Pads-  Beginning in 2022 all players were required to have shoulder pads that met the NOCSAE performance standard.  If you have pads that were purchased before this time they may not meet the 2022 requirements.  This can result in a 1-minute, non-releasable penalty for every set of non-compliant pads.  Please confirm that your pads meet these requirements.  Click here for more information.   

Communications-  Coach Colin will communicate with the boys by text.  The team parent will send a weekly email message to parents.  Remember to continue to check this webpage for updates.